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title : The Art Of Being Normal
category : General, Dating & Intimacy
ISBN : 9781910200520
Pages : 360
Author : Lisa Williamson
Publisher : David Fickling Books
Release Date : 2016-01-07
Format : ePub/Textbook/Doc/PDF

Editorial Review

Two boys. Two secrets. David Piper has always been an outsider. His parents think he's gay. The school bully thinks he's a freak. Only his two best friends know the real truth - David wants to be a girl. On the first day at his new school Leo Denton has one goal - to be invisible. Attracting the attention of the most beautiful girl in year 11 is definitely not part of that plan. When Leo stands up for David in a fight, an unlikely friendship forms. But things are about to get messy. Because at Eden Park School secrets have a funny habit of not staying secret for long ...

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