Read Online Radical Self-love: A Guide To Loving Yourself And Living Your Dreams PDF

title : Radical Self-love: A Guide To Loving Yourself And Living Your Dreams
category : Self Help
ISBN : 9781781806692
Pages : 224
Author : Gala Darling
Publisher : Hay House Uk
Release Date : 2016-02-09
Format : ePub/Textbook/Doc/PDF

Editorial Review

Have you ever dreamed of a life full of laughter, love and sequins...but felt totally clueless about how to make it happen? You're not alone. Bestselling author and speaker Gala Darling spent years in soul-sucking jobs, battling with depression and an eating disorder. Her life was filled with chaos and disaster - simply because she didn't know how to create the life she dreamed of. In Radical Self-Love, Gala recounts how she turned her life around from self-destruction to self-love, and shows how you can do the same. In the pages of this book, you'll begin to discover exactly what makes you so magnificent, and you'll uncover a litany of tools and techniques to help you manifest a life that bursts with magic, bliss and adventure. Featuring fun homework exercises and cool illustrations, this book will take you from learning to fall madly in love with yourself, to loving others, to making your world a more magical place through style, self-expression and manifestation. When you love yourself, life is limitless. You can do anything you want. It's time to throw off the shackles of expectation, and start living from your heart. It's time to astound yourself with how beautiful your life can be. It's time to treat every single day like a celebration!

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