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title:Good Food: One-pot Dishes
category:British, Puddings & Desserts, Quick & Easy Meals
Author:Jeni Wright
Publisher:Bbc Books
Release Date:2014-10-09

Editorial Review

A pot of something delicious simmering away on the stove never fails to tantalise the tastebuds. Whether it's a creamy soup, a fragrant curry or a traditional English pudding, there are endless ideas for one-pot cooking in this book. The team at BBC Good Food Magazine have gathered their tried-and-trusted recipes together to create another fail-safe book of ideas in this hugely popular series. Each recipe is accompanied by a full-page colour photograph so you can create a winner every time. With simple recipes for starters, main courses and desserts, you'll find all you need for inspiration in this handy little cookbook. This edition is revised and updated with brand new recipes and a fresh new look.

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