Read 5:2 Diet Meal Plans & Recipes: Ten Weeks Of Menus - 5:2 Quick Start Guide: Volume 3 (5:2 Fast Diet) ePub Online

title : 5:2 Diet Meal Plans & Recipes: Ten Weeks Of Menus - 5:2 Quick Start Guide: Volume 3 (5:2 Fast Diet)
category : Weight Control, Low Fat
ISBN : 9781511981040
Pages : 152
Author : Liz Armond
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date : 2015-04-30
Format : ePub/Textbook/Doc/PDF

Editorial Review

The 5:2 Diet Meal Plans & Recipes Author Liz Armond has written a series of popular 5:2 diet recipe books, each designed to get you on the track to fast weight loss, one delicious meal at a time. 5:2 Diet Meal Plans & Recipes takes all the guesswork out of meal preparation by providing you with 21 days of recipes. Best of all, the ingredients are readily available and affordable. No more picking up bland, frozen, and often expensive, dinners for convenience. The recipes are calorie grouped and portioned into 1, 2, or 4 servings. Each meal offers a delicious blend of protein and fiber to ensure you are getting the nutrients you need as you quickly lose that unwanted weight, all without going hungry. Just take a look at some of the recipes: Hearty Potato & Leek Soup - 150cals Mushroom Risotto with Brown Rice - 285cals Vegetable Curry - 180cals Turkey & Vegetable Loaf - 180cals Chicken & Apricot Bake - 250cals These meal plans allow you two meals a day, with calories to spare. This cookbook also includes a handy chart of low calorie snacks and drinks for those between meal eating. Just calculate your allowance and choose accordingly. Like all of the books Liz Armond has written in the series, this is an informative and easy-to-follow guide. She lost 10 pounds while her partner lost 14, all in the first four weeks of following this safe and beneficial diet. The research and testing has been done, so all you have to do now is choose your meals and watch the numbers on the scale drop. Pick up your copy of 5:2 Diet Meal Plans & Recipes today and see your weight drop off."

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